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Signs your Hawaii home needs HELP

As they say in Hawaii…”THE STRUGGLE IS REAL”. The following are signs your Hawaii home might need help:

  1. You have to walk uphill to get to the kitchen
  2. You have more wood and plastic covering your windows than actual window
  3. There is a tree growing in either the roof or the foundation
  4. You’ve convinced yourself the little piles around the house is just dust, not termites
  5. Only one person can shower at a time….a day
  6. You short out the electricity when you turn on the Rice Cooker
  7. You are using folded cardboard to keep the jalousies from falling out
  8. You have a system every time it rains, and know exactly what areas of the roof need buckets, pots and towels underneath

Sound familiar? We are a phone call away.

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