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Atlas employees are covered by a 2 million dollar workers insurance provided at no cost by Atlas Construction. We provide employees with all necessary training and safety equipment needed to prevent any accidents from happening.

In a situation of an employee getting hurt Atlas Construction will handle all accidents and Fees within our company and homeowners can rest assure that Atlas employees will not seek monetary settlements through you as the Homeowner.

Atlas Construction has payment schedules of 5 to 7 payments which are dispersed throughout completion of each phase of the project.  Atlas Construction is also Bonded which gives families the opportunity to have monetary funds sit in an account similar to escrow where Atlas Construction draws from after each phase is completed and inspected by an inspector of the Bank institution.

Atlas Construction does not change any payment schedule or amount of construction cost once a contract has been signed by Atlas and the Homeowners.

We use all quality products here at Atlas Construction and provide homeowners with warranties for work and products used in your home. Our product that we use meet and often exceed industry standards and guidelines.

Atlas Construction continually looks for new products and services that our industry offers to provide our homeowners with the best quality and most current products offered with a very high emphasis on Manufacture backing and testing.

A true design build contractor takes on full responsibilities of a project to completion based on the approved designs, specifications and general conditions that make up the whole of the construction contract.

Someone who is not, will have a low bid upfront then when unaccounted for items arise after an agreed upon construction contract, you will get charged the additional costs from change orders for the additional work. This means additional charges on top of the original contract price. These hidden charges can be inflated to make up for the original low cost given at the initial construction contract.Most homeowners end up biting the bullet and giving in to the additional charges being held hostage to having their project completed. >>Read more about Design Build Contractors

In the United States and in a number of other countries around the world, LEED certification is the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. Achieving LEED certification is the best way for you to demonstrate that your building project is truly “green.”

Yes we do. Contact us for more information.

The permitting process in Hawaii is complicated and it is important you have someone who works regularly with the office.  Atlas Construction has many years of experience and will take care of the permitting issues that arise from your project.

We have over 30 projects completed just in the past year all over the island of Oahu. We have done Renovations, Additions, as well as new homes. Visit our gallery of past jobs to see our work.

Here at Atlas Construction, we pride ourselves in holding our commitment to our customers and Homeowners in honoring our contract price and not charging fees and adding additional costs after the contract is signed.

We do offer our families the ability to change plans and add to the existing planned square footage while in construction through change orders but do not charge any fees or costs unless homeowners initiate the changes of working plans and agree to cost.

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