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Home Remodeling Solutions to Make You Fall Back in Love With Your House

Home Remodeling Solutions to Make You Fall Back in Love With Your Hawaii Home

Do you have a love-hate relationship with your home? Need an upgrade, but don’t want to move? Sounds like it’s time for some serious residential remodeling.

Here are 4 great solutions if your house no longer meets your needs:

  1. Adding bedrooms Young families sometimes find themselves with more kids than bedrooms. At the same time, the current economy in Hawaii has resulted in adult children returning to their parents’ homes ‒ often with children of their own. Whatever the reason, extending your house upward is a practical way to add bedrooms to a home that’s suddenly become too small. This is also a great opportunity to add a second or third bathroom, and make life a little easier for everyone.
  2. Ohana conversions In the same vein, you may need to accommodate as many as four generations in your home. Converting to an Ohana home is the best way to accomplish this feat. Build up, reduce the size of your garage, or extend the sides of your house to make a separate, but connected living space for grandparents. We’re experts at adding the small touches that make everyone feel welcome and independent.
  3. Extra storage Just about everyone can make use of extra storage. The neat trick is to add storage without adding square footage to your home! We can squeeze every bit of efficiency out of the space you already have, by tweaking the design of your home for optimum efficiency. Prime possibilities include re-purposing the spaces under staircases or in underutilized kitchen areas and closet expansions.
  4. Improving accessibility Sudden injuries or concerns about aging residents may create the need for a more accessible floor plan. We’ll help you move crucial bedrooms to the ground floor, eliminate dangerous entries, and add safety features to bathrooms and other common areas.

When you bought your home, it was the perfect refuge. Don’t let the inevitable changes of life stop you from loving it. The professional team at Atlas Construction can transform your house into the perfect space for your current life situation, and help you love it as much as you did on the day you first moved in.

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