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Organic Security for your Hawaii Home – Security Landscaping

Looking to secure your Hawaii home? If you can’t afford a security system or you want added security, consider going organic.

Through creative landscaping you can help secure your home before anyone even gets near it.

Plants and bushes have been used for centuries to designate property lines and the perimeters of a home. The also create visual barriers and sometimes have defensive capabilities built in.

There are a couple of great plants that are like natures barbed wire.

Citrus tress for example have impressive thorns.

Or the popular Thai hybrid crown of thorns which blooms for months and does not need a lot of water.

It’s also considered a good-luck plant in Thailand. You will be granted good luck in accordance with the specific mythic power of each of the saints: health, bravery, wealth, beauty, artistry, cleverness, poetry and victory over evil spirits.

Of course Bougainvilleas grow easily in Hawaii and are great as defensive hedges as well as for in vulnerable spots like under windows.

Roses are also great, you can put up trellis’ and train climbing roses which can also help cool your home.

Blackberry and raspberry vines grow thorns that serve to protect the fruit. This can give you both protection and a supply of freshly grown food.

Pyracantha angustifolia aka the fire thorn bush is a species of shrub in the rose family that contains thorns that leave a burning sensation that lasts for hours. The fruit is inedible for humans, but they are a food source for birds.  It can be used to make hedges for home security but is considered invasive in Hawaii.

Before planning your beautiful yet painful security landscaping project, be sure to check with the University of Hawaii’s invasive species council who can make sure the plants you choose are safe for your Keiki, pets and the aina.

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