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Modifing Your Home to Accommodate Elderly Parents

Your aging mother needs care.  She’s not ill. But, she is finding it a bit more difficult to climb the stairs. And, she doesn’t want to move into a home for the elderly. So, you’ve decided she’ll move in with you and your family.  And, you believe that will be achievable by making a few minor renovations to your single-family home.

Not so fast!

Do your research before you attempt to dive into the sea of regulations to which you’ll have to adhere.  Remember, each step requires a permit.  And, you’ll need to find a reputable contractor, unless you intend on picking up a hammer and nails yourself! Even if you do, you’ll need an experienced professional to walk you through the various steps.

Atlas Construction Hawaii is a family owned business that has been serving Oahu for over a decade. We specialize in building multi-generational homes.  But, building an addition to your home, is more than construction. To add a bedroom and bathroom to your home, Atlas first wants to know about the person (or people) who will be living with you.  So, you will tell us what your mother will use the room for, other than sleeping and showering. Atlas always upholds the cornerstones of safety and accessibility when building multi-generational homes.

Additions are our most common requests. However, each client is individual; their preferences are different, and Atlas Construction doesn’t subscribe to the one-design-fits-all solution. So, be ready to answer a variety of questions about the occupant in the new addition, and we’ll design your space efficiently, with safety and accessibility for your loved one in mind.

If you need more information, call 951-9500.

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